Take advantage of a more mobile world

The shipment of smartphones and tablets is expected to exceed that of traditional personal computers, including laptops, in 2012.

This proliferation of mobile devices creates an opportunity to deliver information and services to customers, partners and employees in new ways --- ways that can help increase revenues, improve business agility and boost productivity.

To take advantage of this opportunity, organizations must develop or modify a wave of applications to work well on mobile devices. They must also connect these applications to back-end systems and other IT resources such as the cloud to realize their full advantage.

SIT Software can help you efficiently develop HTML5, hybrid and native applications and connect them to other systems and cloud-based services. These solutions can help you reduce time to market and the cost and complexity of development while enabling a rich user experiences across a variety of devices.

  • Develop rich mobile applications using standards-based technologies and tools
  • Leverage the growing ecosystem of third-party libraries and frameworks
  • Rapidly unlock and connect business information from cloud and on-premise applications making it easily consumable for mobile apps
  • Extend business services through scalable Web API management to easily publish services to the widest community and consumption models
  • Enable a broad network of internal and external developers to incorporate services into new apps through a centralized portal
  • Support devices running Apple iOS, Google, Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms