Email/Chat Support
With the changing times, communication has changed for better. For better customer acquisition, retention and experience of customers Email has become the buzz word of industry. Companies have adopted email as new market strategy to reach the enhanced database of online customers. Our email support is quick, instantaneous and responsive. With a complete strategy from the inception, implementation and follow up, we bring you the most rationalized form of communication through our email support delivery packages.

The framework of our email support services includes:
  • Technical support.
  • Order fulfillment Verification.
  • Complete query resolution.
  • Automated response.
  • Computer-aided response
  • Manual response..

1. Secure.
2. Precise.
3. Cost Managed

Chat Support Service:
With an aim to bring the magical human solution to your business, we launched Chat services. Our agents interact through customers and navigate them through their problems to the remedy courteously.

Our Chat Support services Include:
1. Purchase processes.
2. Online Filing of Insurance Claims.
3. Online Credit Applications.
4. Technical Support.
5. Website Response through Live Chat.
6. Endless other activities.

Why our services differ from others?

  • 24/7 Service.
  • Trained Professional Chat Executives.
  • Promptly and accurate response on live chat requests.
  • Highly efficient and multi leveled.
  • One Chat Executive can handle multiple chats at the same time.